The Agnes & Dora Coat of Arms

It has been said that “confidence is the best outfit”. What we wear is a reflection of our personal beliefs and we wear it like a coat of arms. Throughout history, a coat of arms have been worn by a tribe or group of people to intentionally deliver a message. It was worn as a symbol of their identity. Wearing a coat of arms makes a declaration about who we are and what we show the world. We must claim our power and have a conviction of our worth and value within ourselves. Not only are we enough, we are also beautiful, confident, strong, kind, intelligent and more. The world reflects our beliefs back to us according to our own personal coat of arms.

My intention in building Agnes & Dora has been to encourage others to create a better life for themselves. I want to change the way the world sees us by changing the way we see ourselves.

Our Agnes and Dora coat of arms is defined by our mission statement, guiding principles, and vision statement.

Mission Statement

Redefining success and beauty
through embracing personal power

Personal power is accessed when we become accountable for our lives in positive and healthy ways. It comes from feeling in control of our life and knowing that we are capable of making decisions for our good. When we are in our personal power, we act in a non-judgmental way, and come from a place of peace. We are in harmony with ourselves and others. We know truth, and can receive inspiration. We are authentic and confident but not overbearing or dominating. We are open-minded with a sense of wonder. We allow courage to guide us through our learning and growth. We embrace quality in our relationships. We love ourselves. We are powerful.

Buffy Bandley

Guiding Principles

guiding principles authenticity


Authenticity is manifest by an unapologetic expression of self as we work toward creating a genuine sense of identity and claiming the power of "me."

guiding principles confidence


Confidence is a certainty and trust born of personal power. Confidence tells the world, "I am here and I am enough."

guiding principles harmony


Harmony allows us to experience balance by uniting all the parts of self into a state of wholeness.

guiding principles wonder


Wonder is adventurous and curiously asks, "What if?" allowing for growth, innovation, and creation.

guiding principles quality


We embrace quality as we care about each other, our customers, and our products.

guiding principles courage


Courage helps us manage our fears, find self-acceptance, and learn to trust the growth process and its power to transform us.

Vision Statement

Agnes & Dora™ is a heart-centered brand that seeks to recognize and empower women both professionally and personally. Agnes & Dora™ was created by women, for women. Our products honor the boldest female scientists, designers and revolutionaries, encouraging each of us to find and build our own personal power. From the romantic to the adventurous, the versatility of our ever-expanding line declares that we recognize the inherent worth and boundless potential of our femininity.

Agnes & Dora™ is the destination for effortless fashion featuring the latest trends for confident, social, and active women. We offer quality, fashionable apparel at affordable prices that allow women to feel good in mind, body, and spirit. Our product is available through Independent Sales Representatives. We are a community that promotes kindness, self-acceptance, independence, and empowerment. Agnes & Dora™ is everyday expression for EVERY BODY!